The adventures of Turtling

Sometimes we feel like life pulls the rug out from under us, and we find ourselves square on our backs, and vulnerable. It can be a really uncomfortable place to be, and we struggle not unlike an upside down turtle with their arms and legs flailing about. Panicking. Asking ourselves, “How did this happen?” or “Where did I go wrong?”. We find ourselves on our backs in life looking up at this looking glass of love and wishing for it, instead of looking through the glass of love with our hearts open. In the end it is that small distance between us and the glass that’s keeping us from feeling fulfilled. That distance is an inner perspective that only we have the choice to close. To have the proximity, and the courage to look at life through the lens of love, instead of looking at love like it’s something over there in the distance, something you’re reaching for. Love is in the moment, right now. Love is all around us. We see it every day if we take the time to look. Some days we have wedged ourselves up against the looking glass of love instead of looking through it in our owns lives with our own eyes. Bearing witness to love is the first step, and nobody can tell you what that looks like but you. Whether it’s the sun shining on your face, meeting eyes with a beautiful stranger, getting to pet the dog you plan on having in the future, taking a yoga class, savoring a home cooked meal, or maybe if you ‘re like me, hearing the intoxicating sound of a baby’s giggle. Things that fill you up, if you let them, if you can close the distance between yourself and love and remember that it is indeed a reflection. That glass isn’t a wall, or a barrier. There’s nothing in between you and love that will ever stop you except yourself. Rumi says it beautifully by saying that “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Are you searching blindly? Walking past all of the moments that would reflect the love in your heart back to you? It is not easy. We each have experiences, our Samskaras, the residue of the past that can hold us back, make us hesitate, and close off. I believe that as human beings it is in our DNA to connect with others, to reach out. That may look like different things for different people, but even the most introverted people need to connect in whatever way that makes sense for them. Sometimes when life pulls the rug out from under us, instead of thinking that it is something wrong, can you have the patience to breath, look around, and pause. Sometimes life has been giving us signs all along. LIke when you’re driving and suddenly you hit a dead end or a cul-de-sac, and you are completely shocked. Yet when you turn around and drive back, you realize that they were little signs along the way, you just weren’t looking for them. In a life that is crazy fast, and potentially pulling us in a million directions at once, can you take when you fall not as failure, not as a fault, but as a moment to stop, and breath. We don’t always give ourselves the time to slow down and check in. I don’t know about you, but in my experience in those times of turtling, when I’m often hurting the most, when I finally get back up I realize after what it was all for, and I find growth.

It could takes minutes, days, or even years. But it always takes longer when we beat ourselves up for falling in the first place. It is our greatest moment to learn, to reset, and to start back on a path that makes sense for us. And sometimes, a friend might even come along to help us on our feet, who connects us back into that feeling of oneness, who says with or without words, “I’ve been there too.” So today, I’m choosing to open my heart and love, put love up on my mirror and hold it in my heart, and see what reflects back! I wish you this day, filled with more love.

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  1. Make love not war! Well said about love and getting back on your feet… not beating your self down. Definitely need to remember that more. Love you tons 🙂 <3

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