Two sides to the same coin.

eclipse journeyWhen we think of the word opposites, we generally think of two forces opposing each other. Being so different.  Take the sun and the moon for example, in all their differences they both cast light down to earth.  Maybe in different intensities, but I’ve seen many a moon that has lit up the darkness so brilliantly.  Like the sun wearing sunglasses, like the sun sleeping with the shades pulled down.  The moon is reflecting the suns light as a reminder that there’s always light for those who look.  So these two opposites,  are they really opposing each other? Or are they two sides coming together to make the same whole? Two sides to the same coin.  We are taught to think in opposites. Good/bad, light/dark, in/out, but are they really that different? I really love the image of the ying and yang symbol, because it represent how parts are always pieces of a whole.  The darkness has a bright spot, and the light has dark.  The world does not and cannot exist without both.  In the same way that we cannot go through life only experiencing joy because we would never learn.  In our darkest times, in times of suffering,  when we come out to the other side it is through that process that we learn and grow.  Wounds are how the light gets in.  So today in your practice, in your life, when something opposes you, if your body opposes you, when you feel like life is opposing you, can you look inside and notice the connection, the place where both sides meet, the ying to the yang, the darkness in light and the light in dark? Can you begin to dissolve the difference? In yoga we build the mind body connection because they’re meant to be one, they go together, ones ebbs and flows into the other, and we do that through the breath, with the breath, just like the breath.  So when it comes up, when you find you want to oppose something in your practice, in your life, can you breath into that place where it lives? Can you open the connection? Can you soften to yourself, and your lesson?